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Welcome to CIROH's DocuHub – a carefully curated central repository providing in-depth technical insights into CIROH's projects, services, and documentation. This invaluable resource is designed to empower team members, collaborators, and community stakeholders with the knowledge needed to enhance their understanding and contributions. Explore DocuHub to deepen your understanding and actively engage in our collaborative learning culture.
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Dive into our comprehensive documentation to access in-depth information about various CIROH products, including but not limited to NextGen, Snow model, Tethys, and more.

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Cloud Services

Explore our array of cloud services and offerings, where you can delve into the specifics of CIROH-AWS cloud. Learn how to gain access to this cloud infrastructure and uncover insights into working seamlessly with the 2i2c cloud services.

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Elevate your expertise through our training programs. Delve into our tutorials and educational resources, covering topics such as the NextGen framework, Data Science model, and more.

We would like CIROH Consortium members to contribute to CIROH DocuHub. Please contribute by adding product/project documentation, tutorials, training data, or conference presentations.
The CIROH DocuHub repository provides a collaborative platform for sharing project's technical documentation. Learn more about how you can contribute and access the CIROH DocuHub repostitory here:

How to Contribute?GitHub Repo

Consortium Sponsors


Consortium Members

Tuskegee University
University of California San Diego
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
University of Arizona
University of Iowa
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
University of Saskatchewan
University of Alabama
University of Minnesota
University of Utah
Bringham Young University
Colorado School Of Mines

Consortium Partners

Baron Weather
Coastal Carolina University
Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Gulf Of Mexico Costal Ocean Observing System
Jupiter Intelligence
RTI International
Stevens Institute Of Technology
New Mexico State University
Penn State University
UC Davis
University of Southern California
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign