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Monthly News Update - March 2024

· 2 min read
Accelerating Innovation: CIROH's March 2024 Update

The CIROH team has been diligently accelerating research cyberinfrastructure capabilities this month. We're thrilled to share key milestones achieved in enhancing the Community NextGen project and our cloud/on-premises platforms.

A significant highlight was the successful launch of our new fully operational on-premises infrastructure. Comprehensive documentation is now available here, ensuring seamless access and utilization. Additionally, we've fortified the NextGen in a Box (NGIAB) ecosystem with bug fixes, repository enhancements, and initiated work on automating the CI pipeline for the Singularity Repo

Empowering our community remains a top priority. We've expanded the DocuHub knowledge base with dedicated sections on on-premises access guidelines, as well as policies and best practices for optimized infrastructure usage here . Furthermore, our team represented CIROH at the AWRA Geospatial Water Technology Conference in Orlando, sharing insights on leveraging geospatial data for water research. Refer here

As we continue driving advancements, we extend our gratitude for your unwavering support of the Community NextGen project and CIROH's cyberinfrastructure endeavors. Be on the lookout for more exciting updates next month as we strive to unlock new frontiers in water science through robust computing capabilities.

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