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HydroLearn: An Introduction

HydroLearn is an education project funded by the National Science Foundation to promote the collaborative development and adoption of authentic, active learning resources in hydrology and water resources. Using HydroLearn, instuctors can:

  • Explore existing courses, case studies, and learning activities and use in classrooms
  • Share learning resources with the community
  • Customize existing courses and learning activities, or build new ones
  • Get guidance on how to develop effective learning outcomes and assessment rubrics

Getting Started with HydroLearn

HydroLearn 101 is a resource for instructors in hydrology and water resources. It helps them understand how to design engaging online learning experiences using research-based methods. It covers various active learning techniques, how to mix them for effective modules, important teaching tips, and the practical steps for creating or customizing a HydroLearn module for their classes.

Online courses are provided by Open edX

Visit website at to explore a wide range of courses offered by HydroLearn. From open channel flow fundamentals to advanced topics in water resource management, there's something for everyone interested in understanding the complexities of water systems.

Note: These courses are offered through Open edX, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing open and affordable online education.

HydroLearn Resources