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What is On-Premises services?

At CIROH, On-Premises services establish a comprehensive platform that facilitates the exchange of research data and access to computational resources and enables collaborative partnerships with academic peers locally and globally. A team of engineers and developers at the University of Alabama operates these services. Our overarching objective is to construct a dynamic "network of services" tailored to enable efficient organization, analysis, and dissemination of research data. Within On-Premises Research Computing, we structure our services around the following fundamental domains:

  • Hydroinformatics: This domain integrates hydrology with information technology, focusing on the development and application of computational tools and techniques for data management, analysis, modeling, and decision support in hydrological studies.
  • Data Science and Big Data: Utilizing data-driven approaches and big data analytics to process and analyze large volumes of hydrological data from various sources, including remote sensing, sensors, and numerical models, to extract meaningful insights and patterns.
  • Numerical Modeling and Simulation: Developing and implementing computational models and simulation techniques to simulate hydrological processes and phenomena, such as rainfall-runoff modeling, groundwater flow, and water quality modeling, to support scientific research and water resources management.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Applying GIS technology to hydrological research by integrating spatial data with hydrological models, analyzing spatial patterns, and visualizing hydrological processes to understand spatial relationships and make informed decisions in water management.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Employing machine learning algorithms and AI techniques to enhance hydrological modeling, prediction, and decision-making by learning from data patterns, optimizing model parameters, and improving the accuracy of hydrological forecasts and simulations.

These domains reflect the interdisciplinary nature of hydrology and highlight the critical role of On-Premises High-performance computing (HPC) in advancing our understanding of water systems and addressing complex hydrological challenges.

In essence, CIROH's Research Computing services are a cornerstone for fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, enabling data-driven research, and advancing scientific discovery in hydrology and related domains.

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